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Sexual counseling



Very often I find people thinking having sex is the same than a person’s sexuality. There is some truth in it there for having sex is a p a r t of human sexuality, whereas sexuality defines who we are as human beings.

The sexual dysfunctions which may be addressed by sexual counseling include problems commonly caused by stress, tiredness, and other environmental and relationship factors. When we get tired of everything, sex is usually the first thing to drop out of a relationship. When we get tired, we might start to feel bad about ourselves.


In times like these it helps to have someone to talk to about things troubling your mind. Many times things that seem big in your head turn smaller just by letting them out in open to discuss. 


Problems can be such as

– difficulties in having orgasms

– premature ejaculation

– erectile dysfunction

– low libido

– unwanted sexual fetishes

– sexual addiction

– painful sex

– lack of sexual confidence.


I’ve also worked with people sucffering from low esteem, having cancer, problems with woman/manhood after a breakup, polyamoria etc

Sexual counseling can either be on an individual basis or together with the partner / partners. If your partner doesn’t want to come with you to my reception, you are more than welcome to come on your own. Usually it helps just to talk with someone who comes from the outside your home.  

I am  trained and experienced at helping people and couples recognize, understand, and solve sexual problems.  

 I usually meet my clients 2 – 5 times, sometimes more. If problems are deep and require more help, I recommend my clients to a good therapist. You are welcome to come over and discuss matters considering your sexuality, or take discussing sexuality as a part of personal training package. 


Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Love, Liina


* Please note that counseling discussions are always kept in total confidentiality. Sexual counseling can only be provided for you by an authorized sexual counselor.




”Biggest thing for me has been that I’ve actually never thought of myself as a WOMAN. I’ve been a worker, a mother, best friend, nature child, athlete … Never a sexual being.  It’s been fantastic to find my womanhood and to actually see ME.”

Nora, 32